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**Please note we are maintaining strict sanitary measures to ensure the health and safety of our customers and team. **

Sweet Sand Body Scrub

Ingredients: Sugar, coconut oil, honey, vanilla extract


250 ml / 8 oz

  • This product is made from all-natural ingredients, lovingly scooped into a durable glass jar and is shipped to you in recyclable packaging. Its delicate cookie dough-like scent will keep you excited to open the jar every time you use it.
  • The Sweet Sand body scrub is a natural exfoliant that leaves skin soft, polished and hydrated. With consistent use, most people see a reduction in ingrown hair and experience less dry flaky skin. It is far more gentle and environmentally friendly than typical scrubs purchased in drug stores, which often contain chemicals and artificial ingredients. Sweet Sand will leave your skin soft and hydrated immediately after using it

Purchasing Options:

  • Jar: 250ml of our lovely body scrub in a cute glass jar with our signature label and packaging.
  • Eco friendly stand up bag: 250ml of our lovely body scrub in an eco-friendly resealable stand-up bag with our signature label. We intended for the bag to serve as a refill for your jar, but it is also a very convenient package to have in the shower.


  • Get naked, hop in the shower and gently rub Sweet Sand all over to reveal beautifully polished, smooth and hydrated skin

Please note:

  • Our Sweet Sand scrub is intended to be used on your body, however, we have had some customers who also like to use it on their face
  • We would suggest starting off very gently on your face, as it might be a little bit coarse for more sensitive areas
  • As the main component is sugar, it will melt slightly as you begin to rub it in for a more gentle effect
  • The Sweet Sand body scrub is effective, yet gentle enough to use daily or as needed. Its hydrating properties leave your skin nourished and smooth with no need to use additional body lotions.
  • If you are allergic to any of the ingredients in the scrub we do not suggest that you use it. If irritation occurs after using the product stop using it immediately
  • The Sweet Sand body scrub is intended for external use only


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