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Clay & Mie
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Fulfilled by The Ordinary Day Inc.


Polymer clay earrings are lightweight and durable, but should be handled with care.

Store in a clean and dry place away from direct sunlight. Avoid storing with sharp items to prevent scratches.

Do not wear in water or bed to avoid damaging or bending the earrings. 

Avoid getting hairspray, oils, and perfume directly on your earrings. 

If they get stained or dirty, rub gently with a damp cloth to clean the surface.

The metal components will age and may become tarnished naturally over time or if scratched. To care for tarnished jewelry, wipe the metal down with a non-abrasive polishing cloth. Dampen the cloth in a 1:1 mixture of vinegar and water to help with tarnish removal.

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Made of: Polymer Clay and Nickel Free Metal Alloy
Product Packaging: Cardboard Box and Shredded Paper
Made in: Toronto, Ontario
Shipped from: Toronto, Ontario

The information above is collected to the best of our knowledge. We are constantly revisiting and updating the impact information based on our vendors' latest products and inputs.

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