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Prologue Cafe
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No one can go wrong with candles and coffee!

Simply pick your favorite coffee type and pair it up with a candle of your choice. Customize the gift box to include your personal message in any format you like and leave everything else with us :)

We proudly carry Detour Coffee from Hamilton, ON.

Options for Coffee:

1. Bottle Neck: Tasting Notes: Toffee, Fig, Well balanced 300g

2. Punch Buggy Espresso: Espresso roast. Tasting notes: Chocolate, Nut, Subtle fruit. Great for espresso, pour over, and cold brew. 300g

3. Detour Dark Filter Coffee: Dark roast. Tasting notes: Dark chocolate, Molasses, and Toasted nuts. 300g

4. Bouncy Castle Espresso: Tasting Notes: Floral, Citrus, Sparkling. 300g

Options for Candle:

1. Birch & Black Pepper; White; Scent notes: mandarin, sandalwood, patchouli. 

2. Cactus Blossom; Millennial Pink; Scent notes: green, coconut, floral, musk

3. Sage & Lavender; Pale Lavender; Scent notes: earthy Sage, lavender, floral

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